Personal Dive Gear

Buoyancy Control Device

Designed to maximize utility and convenience, Sherwood’s Tortuga features a back mounted air cell to leave the chest area open for freedom of movement, but provides some wrap around buoyancy for added lift and vertical stability. Comes with 70cm inflator hose.

  • Patented side buckle release weight system
  • Two rear pockets for up to 4.5kg of non-releasing trim weights
  • 3-D air cell with controlled expansion to maximize lift to keep it on one line
  • 4 convenient, stainless steel D-rings to attach your gear
  • Neoprene neckline giving additional comfort
  • Easy to operate oral and power inflator
  • Plush interior lining for extra cushioning
  • Two large, zippered pockets for extra storage
  • 1000 Denier construction
  • Right shoulder vent valve
Weight   kg 55-66 64-80 77-95 93-110
Height   cm 152-160 160-170 170-183 173-185
Waist   cm 70-90 80-100 90-110 100-120

Heated Vest

The Heated Vest is a revolutionary new design that keeps you warm even in the coldest of conditions. The vest warms to approximately 42°C using a 4-amp/12-volt battery with leads that can be fitted through any drysuit. The purchase of this option includes installation and fitting to the drysuit. There are external battery packs that need to have a sealed entry into the suit to power the vest. The unique design guarantees that it is completely safe, even when totally immersed in water.

Primary Regulator

Cold Water Regulator
with High Performance First Stage
Sherwood’s Blizzard is the ideal cold water diving regulator. This model was developed in cooperation with safety services personnel that have to depend on their gear to perform in extremely demanding conditions. The ribbed connector acts as a heat exchanger to reduce air cooling in cold conditions. It has an efficient, low profile exhaust deflector, large, flexible purge cover, and Wisdom® mouthpiece which reduces jaw fatigue. The unique high-performance dry first stage has two primary flow ports that boost outlet pressure to the second stage, giving you more comfortable, easier breathing. Also includes five low-pressure ports for versatile arrangement of hoses, sealed spring chamber to prevent water and contaminants from damaging your regulator, and a balanced piston first stage for superior breathing. Comes with 83cm hose assembly. A time-proven product that has become the top choice of cold water divers worldwide.

2nd Stage Isolator Valve
In the event of 2nd stage freezing, free flow can cause catastrophic loss of air. With the valve fitted to the regulator, a simple sliding action allows the diver to isolate the free flowing 2nd stage and continue the dive using a secondary air source. Alternatively, the diver can manually control the air flow allowing a safe ascent to the surface.

Pony Bottle System

Back-Up Air Supply

COMPONENT 1: Pony Bottle
Attached to the BCD, a 3L pony bottle will complement the primary tank system to act as a secondary air supply in case of emergency.

COMPONENT 2: Blizzard Regulator
with High Performance First Stage.
Comes with 83cm hose assembly. (same as primary regulator)

COMPONENT 3: Pony Bottle Pressure Gauge
The tiny Pony Bottle Gauge is a small pressure display that attaches directly to the first stage of the pony regulator.

COMPONENT 4: Pony Bottle Quick Attachment
Allows for quick and easy attachment and detachment of your pony cylinder, and comes standard with a stainless steel quick release pin (workable with gloves) and shearable lanyard.

Air Integrated Dive Computer & Navigational Console

Sherwood’s Insight Navigational Console includes a dive computer, 345 bar (5000psi) pressure gauge with temperature and a compass.

  • Air/Nitrox
  • Dive log sample rate
  • Large 270° nitrogen absorption graph
  • Maximum depth – 100m
  • Deco stops to 18m
  • Safety stop countdown timer
  • Water or manual activation
  • Automatic altitude adjustment – to 4300m
  • Detailed Log: up to 50 dives.
  • Long-life, consumer replaceable battery
  • PC downloadable


Despite the fact that most divers already own a pair of fins, the extra large feet in drysuits usually require larger fins. These fins allow ease of movement and exceptional power from your kick with high quality bullet-proof rubber construction.

  • High grade, heavy-duty rubber construction
  • Angled strap mounts for comfort and a better transition of power
  • Spring heel straps with easy-grip heel tab
  • Multiple strap mounting positions for a fine tuned fit
  • Vented blade to reduce stress while accelerating water over the blade
  • Generous foot pocket
US M’s 7-9 10-12 13-15
US W’s 8-11 11+ -
UK 6-8 9-11 12-14
EU 39-42 43-46 47-50
JP 25-27 27-29 -

Ice Cap

The Ice Cap is a thin, shiny balaclava used under the primary hood to provide an additional layer of insulation and cover the diver’s cheeks. It does not extend below the chin and does not cover the neck or restrict movement. Its slick outer covering allows for easy donning of the primary hood. The primary hood should be one size larger than it would otherwise be without the ice cap.

Dry Gloves

Divers should have dry gloves for comfort and dexterity. Regardless of how warm your body may be, if your hands get very cold, the end result is significant discomfort. Your hands are a vital piece of equipment and must be properly insulated. We recommend detachable cuffed dry gloves. These are included in our dry suit package. Also included is manufacturer installation to ensure complete peace of mind that they are installed correctly. The advantages to using a cufflink system is primarily to do with leaks. If a glove leaks, there is a second latex seal to the suit to help protect against flooding.


Abyss drysuits are known as the driest suits on the market. Advanced adhesives, double lock stitching, and unique polymer sealing system ensure that the water stays on the outside of your suit. Constructed from 4mm compressed neoprene with a diamond-tough outer nylon, its buoyancy characteristics and warmth make it the popular choice of recreation and working divers alike..

  • 4mm compressed neoprene with toughcoat nylon
  • Titanium inner coating
  • Available kevlar outer coating
  • Entry: shoulder
  • All interior seams polymer sealed
  • Exterior Zipper guard
  • Kneepad choice (kevlar or rubber)
  • YKK dry zipper
  • Drysuit hood and bag
  • Vulcanized boot choice (regular or heavy duty)
  • Sitech valves and air supply
  • Seals: neoprene neck, neoprene wrist

Size chart and measurement directions available upon request.

Evolution Rebreather

The Evolution rebreather offers all the advantages of Nitrox but without the hassles of pre-planning, pre-mixing, excessive cylinder carrying or gas-switching during the dive. It is compact, light and easy to use. In addition to its superbly manageable proportions, the Evolution is packed with state-of-the-art, technologically advanced features incorporating redundancy and safety that allow for a safe dive time after time. It is the most widely used closed circuit rebreather on the market.

  • Single multi-function wrist-mounted primary display with easy-read graphics and low profile, maintenance free switches
  • Master and slave oxygen controllers with independent power supplies;
  • Heads-up display with green/red LED indicators for both controllers
  • Battery status indicator with graphical display on handset
  • Real time dive memory with PC link.