Dive Infrastructure

Portable Compressor

A portable compressor is essential for any remote dive operation. The compact dimensions and light weight of this compressor make it very easy to transport and operate. It fits easily into its protective case and is an extremely reliable unit. It requires no installation effort and is ideal for filling cylinders in almost any location.

  • Fill time: approximately 20 minutes for a 12L (80ft3) cylinder 5.5hp gas engine
  • Maximum operating pressure: 5000 PSI / 345 bar

Portable Hyperbaric Chamber

Built for quick deployment, this innovative first aid life-support equipment is designed and built to meet the most stringent national and international standards and incorporates modern composite materials to their best advantage. It is quick to assemble and easy to use. It is built to ASME PVHO-1, Lloyds Register, ISO 9001/2000 National Standards, is US DoD Certified and is CE marked. It can be used in many field areas, such as commercial, scientific, medical, military, civilian, and sports applications. This hyperbaric stretcher is a folding portable vessel suitable for treatment and when necessary, the transportation of a person under pressure. It provides hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO) to the patient wearing an ‘on demand’ breathing mask or hood. Having a hyperbaric stretcher at an accident or emergency site enables a casualty requiring HBO to be treated immediately. The importance of immediate treatment, especially in diving accidents, cannot be over emphasized. Delay in treatment greatly reduces the likelihood of full resolution. Due to the lightness and portability of this hyperbaric stretcher, it is almost always possible to have a unit on site, wherever one may be. It is rigid when inflated, but when not in use, can be packed away in two compact containers that are easy to carry. This portable chamber combines great strength, lightness, flexibility and portability and has been developed to preserve our greatest asset – LIFE.

  • Made from fire-retardant materials with low-fire, smoke, and toxicity properties
  • Non-magnetic and unaffected by UV-radiation suitable for radiographic diagnostics
  • Advanced composite materials combine strength with flexibility and can withstand up to six times its working pressure
  • Self-sealing unit becoming totally rigid under minimal pressure
  • Two large diameter windows on both ends provide good internal lighting and excellent visual monitoring of the patient
  • Two-way communication system and medical lock allowing small items to be passed in and out of the stretcher

Field Oxygen Generator

This oxygen generator allows users to make their own oxygen for their medical-grade requirements, including scuba oxygen bottles. It is completely self contained and uses Pressure Swing Adsorption technology. It requires a standard electrical outlet or a 2kw generator for power and you can have emergency oxygen within minutes. The generator is separated into two cases for easy manageability and transport. It is designed to run automatically with little or no maintenance once it is up and running. With a digital colour touch-screen display, the unit shows all the information required to monitor the manufacturing process of oxygen. It performs a continuous series of self-diagnostic tests as it runs. Should an issue arise such as a drop in oxygen purity, it will automatically shut down and display a visual alarm on screen. This system is manufactured to the highest standards and will eliminate the costs of transportation, storage and cylinder rental. Oxygen production will be both efficient and cost effective.

  • FDA cleared medical grade oxygen
  • Oxygen concentration 93%±3%
  • Carbon dioxide limit > 300ppm
  • Carbon monoxide limit > 10ppm
  • Oxygen flow rate is 0-15 SCFH


When doing expedition diving, it is important to use the best tools for the job. This is important for extended bottom time, reduction of narcosis at depth, or thermal insulation. At depths of 30m or more, it is important to manage the narcosis associated with diving air by using helium. All helium is medical grade and can be used for diving. In cold water, it is important to control a diver’s thermal properties. Argon can be used to inflate drysuits and provide an insulating gas, especially when diving with helium-based mixtures. For extended bottom times the use of nitrox is well documented. Medical grade oxygen is also available for rebreather support or if longer no-stop diving is required.

  • Gas: Oxygen / Helium / Argon
  • Tank: T size Tank
  • Fitting: CGA-540
  • Weight: 68kg
  • Volume: 9620L
  • Size: 9.3m3

Portable Dive Camp

After years of traveling to remote arctic regions, Arctic Kingdom has developed an excellent system for diving under ice far from conventional comforts. A quick-erect heated shelter is provided to keep divers out of the elements before, in between, and after their dives. With a square door in the floor, the shelter can even be placed directly over a diver’s hole in the ice to avoid being exposed to the elements at all. Our camps come complete with two compressors for redundancy in remote locations, an oxygen generator (if needed), chainsaw, auger, tanks, weights, and much more. All equipment is packaged for easy access in easily transportable containers. We can provide as little or as much equipment as you need since our camps can be customized, and even staffed, to suit your group’s needs and help them achieve their goals.

  • Quick-erect shelter
  • Portable compressors
  • Portable oxygen generator
  • Tanks and pony bottles
  • Lead weights and weight belts
  • Ropes, ice screws, & caribiners
  • Ice auger and extensions
  • Chainsaw with extended bar
  • Shovels, ice picks, strainers
  • Emergency warming kit
  • Small, portable kitchenette
  • Kerosene heater
  • Freight and delivery to the location

Portable Rescue Platform

This portable rescue platform is easy to store and requires minimal space. It inflates in minutes from your compressed air source and its unique catamaran style footprint provides an instant stable rescue platform for emergency search and rescue operations. Designed for use on water, ice, wetlands, mud and other unstable terrain, the platform supports greater loads than any other rescue platform. It can be used as a flotation bridge for personnel evacuation and the low freeboard simplifies hauling aboard people and equipment.

  • Unique catamaran footprint offers unequalled stability
  • Heavy duty nylon grip surface affords excellent traction
  • Reflective tape improves night time visibility
  • Grab line simplifies positioning and mobility
  • Small packed size provides wide range of portability
  • Easily transportable, comes complete with storage case